Lovcat Cattery's Happy Customers

...and their Spoiled Persian kittens!

Katherine.....our kitty Leila arrived at the airport in a pink box with plush lining, and all that was missing was a diamond necklace around her. She is a princess.....and she knows it. She adapted so well with all of is. She is perfect and beautiful.I wanted you to know that there are no words to describe the space that Leila has filled in our home and in our lives. You went way beyond to make sure that we were happy with our little girl. It's really nice knowing there are breeders like you out there. You've been amazing!!!!! -Monica

Hello! Remember us? We bought the female kitten just after Christmas. I have been meaning to write for several weeks now--wanted to give you an update on her. Her name is Storm (yes, as in one of the female x-men--our princess names were voted down by the boys) and we absolutely love her. She adjusted quite rapidly, as you said she would. I was so surprised because on the way home, she just sat on my son's lap all curled up. She didn't want to look around her new area much until she had been here a few days. She has such a great personality--friendly enough, playful, curious--and is just so entertaining. We love how she will lay on her back and let whomever scratch her head, ears, stomach, etc. I wondered if that is unique to persians, as our cats we had growing up did not want to do anything of the like. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much she is loved and that she has adjusted well to living with 7 humans (she's way out-numbered, but she does get lots of attention). She is just a sweetheart. Thanks for a great kitten, Ellen

Hi! How are you? Mario (Cupie) and Sarah (Julie) are doing great. They sleep with me every night. I have to get you some picture... sorry. The kitten in Florida is doing well also. The cats are beautiful by the way. Julie has a fluffy, winter white coat. Cupie has a little more shading, but they are both so cute. I'll try and remember to get you pictures.

Hi, Wanted you to know that Angelo is doing great.....eating & drinking & totally great with the litter box....we did have to put him outside our bedroom door last night though because he wants to kiss us all night long if he's in our bed....he is soooooo adorable & funny. I was eating a piece of pizza & I guess he loved the smell cause he climbed up my back while I was standing up to get to my shoulder to try to eat it. He's been very good while we're brushing him as well. Thanks !!!!!

I am so in love with this baby. She has the most precious personality. My 8 yr old cat took only one day to like her.
You Are The Best!!!!!!!!
Thank You, Eileen

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