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Persian Cats of Lovcat Cattery

(aka. Dams, Queens, Girls)

CH Ultamint's Crazy 4 U of Lovcat

Crazy is a cat that thinks she is a dog. Her favorite activities include following me around EVERYWHERE she can, ALWAYS coming when she is called, and fetching little mouse toys. She has beautiful pure white coat with a shimmer of silver highlights, and really cool minty green eyes that seem to get greener by the day.

GCH Labrese Caio caio (Hello Goodbye)

Caio caio is a beautiful Shaded Silver Persian cat. She has HUGE green eyes that sparkle in the dark. Caio comes to us from the sunny land of Florida. Perhaps that is why she always searches out for the perfect sunny spot in the living room for her beauty naps~.

Lovcat's Josephine

Josephine is named after Napoleon Bonaparte's beloved first wife, because from birth she possessed the elegance and grace fit for an Empress. She is a Chinchilla Silver Persian, which means that she has very little tippings (shadings) in her pure and clean, brilliant white coat. She has got her Daddy's emerald green eyes.

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